Linux Autopilot MAWA for Ardupilot firmware

Linux autopilot with GPS, airspeed sensor, radio module based on Raspberry Pi Zero

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This Linux autopilot will be compatible with open-source autopilot software Ardupilot.

It is intented to has all the sensors built in , and will not require to add additional sensor to start off. and all sensors pre confiqured.

Also from price point . I satrted this project to bring All-in one autopilot to the market under 100 USD

believe or not i am going to do it)

MAWA autopilot hardware features:

-  Heated / dampened  IMU (barometer, accelero+gyro+magnetometer)

- Wi-Fi for long range telemetry and video transmission, Up to 2 km

- GPS  ublox M8N

- Airspeed MS4554 (optional)

- PWM servo driver chip

-USB HUB chip

- RPI Zero v1.3 with CSI camera connector 

  • 1 × Ublox M8N Concurrent reception of up to 3 GNSS (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou)
  • 1 × MS5545 Airspeed sensor to get preise airspeed on plane drone appliations
  • 1 × Realtake wifi module video and telemetry over low cost wi-fi, high power module
  • 1 × Raspberry Pi zero V1.3 it will be used to run APM software
  • 1 × USB HUB to extend USB onnetion on PI Zero

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