Project Offgrid

Timber Frame construction home using technologies like Rain Harvesting, GSHP, Solar, Battery Storage, XNT Automation

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Project Offgrid, this is came around after being in debt and the almost impossible task of buying a house in the UK. The plan of house sitting as a way of living to save for a mortgage soon changed into saving for land to build Project Offgrid.

Project offgrid is a Timber frame house build. The current plan will be constructed on pile and beam to sit above the water table of the land. Thermal insulation will sustainable inside and out where possible. The heating will be in the form of GSHP delivered by underfloor heating throughout the home and topped up by with log burners and glass which is south facing. Electric will be harvested from Solar, around 120 Panels and stored in a powerwall using recycled 18650 Lithium Cells. The House will be full automated using KNX technology.


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    James M12/29/2017 at 11:33 0 comments

    Ok I am a long way off from actually seeing the end of this project. I am currently only what can be explained as planning! First I need to finish off debt owed, Second save, and finally purchase some land.

    Then my plan gets even more complicated as I need to get change of use on land into permit for residence. Not easy in the UK :( Then finally this will all start!

    So whilst I am at finalising debt and saving I have at least started some of the tasks. I am building my powerwall to use. I am designing the house ready to pass to an architect to finish off the design to comply with building regs. Sorting out exactly how to install everything and working out a massive parts list and detailed plan on how this house will come together.

    To stay with affordable housing I will be doing most of the construction myself to keep costs down and honestly cant wait! Measure twice hey! 

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John Cantrell wrote 01/18/2018 at 00:44 point

Im an electrician by trade knowledgeable in just about anything that has wires in it. My knowledge is  at your disposal

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