Why I am doing this

A project log for Project Offgrid

Timber Frame construction home using technologies like Rain Harvesting, GSHP, Solar, Battery Storage, XNT Automation

James MJames M 12/29/2017 at 11:330 Comments

Ok I am a long way off from actually seeing the end of this project. I am currently only what can be explained as planning! First I need to finish off debt owed, Second save, and finally purchase some land.

Then my plan gets even more complicated as I need to get change of use on land into permit for residence. Not easy in the UK :( Then finally this will all start!

So whilst I am at finalising debt and saving I have at least started some of the tasks. I am building my powerwall to use. I am designing the house ready to pass to an architect to finish off the design to comply with building regs. Sorting out exactly how to install everything and working out a massive parts list and detailed plan on how this house will come together.

To stay with affordable housing I will be doing most of the construction myself to keep costs down and honestly cant wait! Measure twice hey!