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I hope to create an arduino based CGM to track trends between meals

BethanyBethany 01/01/2018 at 20:360 Comments

1 January 2018

I think good diabetes management is easier with more data and while CGMs are continually improving the ones are the market are usually unpleasant (weird bumps with needles and held on with tape), short lived (might rip out immediately or last just over a week) and are always expensive (the quality expensive sensors once inserted become immediately trash). So I am researching and designing a way to get more data on blood sugar trends between finger prick noninvasively (no needles/surgery), cost effectively by eliminating the per use costs (lancets, strips, sensor half of cgm, etc) and nearly permanently reusable.

Disclaimer I am using some patented information (because I am not smart enough to reinvent the wheel and build the car) so in order to remain legal I am trying to be careful to be working within research that could lead to new inventions

I think the distinctions of being:

    (1) not designed to replace finger pricks

    (2) cheap -- inexpensive at acknowledged risk of lower quality

    (3) a way to get continuous/frequent graphable data

    (4) a non-painful long term CGM tool for helping understand HBA1c

will be enough to distinguish this project and separate it (drastically from what is available on the market) from the patents researched.