Z axis belt clamp fail...

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A high performance Z-axis that is free of z-wobble and will not drop when power is cut.

Mark RehorstMark Rehorst 12/10/2018 at 22:270 Comments

The Z axis was recently behaving strangely.  I noticed the belts were flopping around so I retensioned them.  In a couple days, they were flopping again.  I took them off the machine to see what was going on and instead of finding that the steel cores had broken, I found this:

The polyurethane belt had slid/stretched over the steel core (of course it did!) inside the belt clamp.

I have redesigned the belt clamps so the ends of the belt will fold over and the teeth will interlock.  That should prevent this sort of problem from reoccurring.

I have used this folded self-locking type of clamp for years in the XY stage and in SoM, my other printer.