STEbus and VMEbus boards I am aware of.

A project log for STEbus

CPU-neutral, professionally designed, industrial strength. Design slave boards that work with any processor.

KeithKeith 12/11/2021 at 02:590 Comments

Here are the STEbus and VMEbus boards I am aware of. 

I have some of them, and some documentation. Let me know which ones interest you.

Code Name Title (Main features) [notes]
J004 ARC8000 VMEbus Z8000
J020 SC88 80188 (80188 and dynamic RAM)
J023 SCPUA Z80 CPU & FDC (Z80A, SCC, TMS4500, WD2791)
J031 SGT1 Graphics (6803, 6845)
J036 SMEB DRAM and SASI (4500, 4164)  [I have a board]
J037 SEP EPROM Programmer (8255, 78S40)  [I have a board]
J038 STADA 8-bit ADC and DAC (ZN448)
J039 SPIBB 40-bit parallel I/O (Two 8255)  [I have some boards]
J041 SCPUB Z80 CPU (Z80A, DART, CTC)  [I have some boards]
J043 SADC12/16 12-bit ADC (ICL7109)
J052 SCB4 Signal Conditioning Board - Darlington (ULN2804)
J058 SCRAM CMOS RAM, RTC & EPROM (MC14818)  [I have some boards]
J061 SPC1 Prototyping Board  [I have some boards, used]
J063 SERCOM Serial I/O (Two Zilog 8530 SCC chips)
J064 SFDC Floppy Disk Controller (WD279x) [I have some boards]
J065 BEEBOP BBC micro to STE (6522)
J069 SVC Video Display (SMC9153)
J070 SC09 6809 CPU (68B09E, 68B50) [I have a board, PALs not read yet]
J074 S488 IEEE488 Interface (UPD7210)
J076 SBPL10 Backplane, ten slot.  [I have three boards]
J078 SYSCON System Controller (Texas reset circuit chips, 7705) [I have some boards]
J085 SADC16/16H ADC, 12-bit 16 channels. (Burr Brown ADC574A, two IH6216)
J087 SCB9 Optoisolator (PC829)
J088 SDRAM 64-512K DRAM (TMS4500) [I have some boards]
J090 SC88T 80188 (80188 and static RAM [I have one board, PALs being read]
J092 SPINC Programmable Interrupt Controller
J093 SCSI (AM5380)  [I have some boards.]
J095 SC52 8052 CPU
J096 SEERAM CMOS RAM & EEPROM [I have some boards]
J100 SG84 Advanced Colour Graphics (HD63484, IMS G175)
J102 SC008 68008 CPU [I have some boards]
J104 SNETS Bitbus Network Slave Interface
J105 STMC Stepper Controller (PPM101C)
J111 STEND bus extender
J120 SCEND Signal Conditioning extender
J121 SEMC Servo Motor Controller (Galil Chipset)
J125 SC280 Z280 CPU (Zilog Z280) [looking for this rare board]
J126 SNETM Bitbus Network Master Interface
J129 SC180 Z180/HD64180 CPU
J130 SDAC12-4 DAC, 12-bit, 4-channel
J131 SCPC88 PC-compatible Processor (8088, FE2010A) [FE2010A is now rare and expensive]
J138 SPDC PC Floppy Disk Controller
J139 SPCOM PC Serial and Parallel I/O
J140 SPEGA EGA [I have one but EGA is obsolete]
J144 STELA Logic Analyser
J145 VSC020 VME 68020
J149 SPCGA Colour Graphics Adapter (NCR 72C81 CGMA) [I have one but CGA is obsolete]
J151 SC88PIO 80188 and Parallel I/O
J152 SG84X Genlock
J155 SPB22 Arcom I/O to Opto22 adapter
J157 SERCOM8 Serial I/O (8 channel)
J158 VSP80 VME Parallel I/O (Zilog CIO)
J159 VSER6 VME Serial I/O (Four Zilog 8530 SCC chips)
J160 VSAD VME A to D (Altera EPLD, RAM)
J164 SC008PIO 68008 and Parallel I/O
J165 SISER4 Intelligent Serial I/O (64180 or Z180)
J169 VSC020T VME 68020 Target
J171 VSIXER6 VME Intelligent Serial I/O (Six Zilog 8530 SCC chips, 80188 CPU)
J177 SIPAR40 Intelligent Parallel I/O (64180 or Z180)
J178 SCPC286 80286
J182 SC020T68020 Target
J185 SSP25 Digital Signal Processor (TMS320C25)
J187 SPER Paged EPROM and RAM
J191 SC68000 68000 CPU [I have one]
J193 SETHER Ethernet board (DP8390) [I have some boards]
J202 SPVGA PC VGA & Paged ROM (TVGA8900)
J205 VFDSC VME Floppy Disk and Serial Card
J207 SAD44S 12-bit ADC
J208 SDAD8414 14-bit 16-Channel ADC & 4-Channel DAC
J209 SIAD44 Intelligent A to D converter
J210 SAD2X250 Ultra-fast 2-Channel ADC
J212 SDA812 8-Channel D to A Converter
J217 SPCT8C 8-Channel Parallel I/O and Counter-Timer (8254)
J219 SD16 16-Channel Opto-Isolated Power Output
J269 SCIM286 80C286 with SCIM interface
J272 SCIM88 80C188 with SCIM interface
J286 SSIP SCIM Interface Platform
J304 SCB34 Signal Conditioner Board (BDT64C Darlington transistor, 80V, 12A.)
J346 SPIB80 80-bit parallel I/O
J360 SCB40 16-bit opto-isolator
J416 SCB42 40-channel opto-isolator
J502 SCPC486 486DX PC AT Compatible Board [I have one]
J521 SCB46 Signal Conditioner Board
J584 ST-ANALOGUE-IO STEbus Analogue I/O
J585 ST-RELAY16 STEbus Digital I/O
J603 ST-SER4 STEbus Serial I/O, 4-channels, and PC104 to STEbus interface (85230)

I only have software documentation, no files.

W10 CPM80A CP/M Plus for SCPUA
W22 CPM80B CP/M Plus for SCPUB
W29 EAMONB Z80 Monitor for SCPUB
W47 OS-9/68K Operating System for 68000/68020 systems
W44 AB80 Z80 BASIC compiler for CP/M Plus
W63 XPC88 Remote Monitor for PC & SC88T
W137 SPVGASOFT Drivers for SPVGA