A project log for Building a workspace

Making a 75 square foot space in the Artisan's Asylum into a work space.

Alan KilianAlan Kilian 08/28/2014 at 14:130 Comments

First thing is to build some shelves.

I like those angle-iron with the two mushroom-shaped deals that clip into slots in the angle iron.

However, the ones I've used have pretty sharp edges and are hard to get the lower and upper angle irons to start attached.

Just yesterday, I found a 60" wide by 24" deep shelf of this type that looks much better.

They have wire racks instead of wood.

They have rolled edges which are not sharp and should improve stability.

They have a clip to hold the lower and upper angle together.

$135 is not TOO outrageous.

I got one for home and I think I'll get one for this space.