Building the shelf unit at home.

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Alan KilianAlan Kilian 08/29/2014 at 14:520 Comments

We built the shelf unit for use at home last night and I'm impressed.

The unit can be built with the shelf supports in two positions.

One has the shelf sitting on top of the support so items can slide on and off easily.

The other has the shelf sitting in a 2" deep "box" formed by the shelf supports.

I'm planning on assembling the shelves with the front support even with the top of the shelf so I can slide things onto it and the side and back supports making a 2" deep surround so things don't get pushed off the side or back of the shelf.

I'll post photos next week.

One thing I'm not sure I'll like is that the shelves are wire rods instead of solid.

I think I'll need to add some thin plywood or something on some of the shelves to keep things from dropping through.

i do like this shelf and I'll be buying another one for use at AA.