Overview-Video: Area Stepper Motor in different Actions

This Video show's  the electromagnetic concepts behind a free holding and driving linear area stepper motor.

In addition the lane support wireless energy transfer driving synchron with the vehicle moves. This is a basic concept to supply e-mobility vehicle permanently with electrical energy without an own vehicle batterie system on board.. 

The shown vehicles drives  on this special lane in all directions. Gives a compact overview of the idea of linear area stepper motor behind.

Special-Part1: Example for cellular Battery-Systems: 

(as short test on how a cellular battery system for E-Cars could work)

Imagine you have a e-car like a Tesla with a 800kg Battery Pack this Battery Pack consist of may be 1600 single Battery-Cells with 0.5kg. Instead of loading the Battery Pack in the e-car under not optimal conditions (Temp-Problems, Time-Problems, Battery aging-Problems) with every gas stations stop, the single Battery-Cells are exchanged highly parallel over an ASM hose between e-car and gas station. (maybe in in less than 5 minutes like in todays car generation)

What would the benefits be?

  • e-mobility would work much faster at a gas station than today!
  • e-car would much much cheaper than today because you need only to buy the e-car and the costs for Battery-Charges depends on how much and how fare you drive 
  • the singe Battery-Elements would charged under optimat conditions and will tested after every charge on the full load capacity 
  • No longer fully functional single battery cells are replaced at the gas station automatically
  • The single Battery-Cell is is scalable. This means, the same single Battery-Cell could work in a e-car in one configuration, and in a e-truck in another configuration, and the same Battery-Cell could work, load, generate Power for Home Applications like lighting, heating, cooking, washing. With the ASM Idea you can automatically scale your needed Power, and if one of the Battery-Cells failed, you only have to change this single Cell, not the hole Battery Pack which is of course much much cheaper and more flexible - and more autonomous from a compound system (like like state electricity)
  • it's also much better for the environment because you can cover many more applications with far fewer individual battery cells around the globe.
  • With such an automatic Battery-Cell System you can make a much cleaner World. (less fine dust, exhaust gases)
  • And you can solve a great todays electricity problem of: storing electrical energy when it can be produced to make it optimally available when needed. (eg, solar power during the day, and flexible supply at night)

cellular battery vehicle parallel drive Test:

Special-Part2: Example for hoverable payload Plattform

This video give an example of how you can use the ASM concept to integrate a hoverable payload plattform for frictionless transport systems.

Future :Next project level is coming ...

In a future next step you get some ideas of how this ASM concept can possible expand in the 3D dimension.

Video ASM morphing robotics: Show the mechanic idea behind ASM morphing robotics concepts:

The principles of mechanical combination from a Area stepper linear motor with 3D bricks to complex morphing structures, contolled by wireless energy transfer between bricks and wireless information transfer.

Next developing steps:

Now i develope this principle further to make it more flexible. The next great step in this project is to make the lane cellular and controllable wireless. (hard work - believe...

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