Add Graphic mode

A project log for Native-C PIC32 color video on TV

Native C language environment with the color video system. including a text editor, compiler, linker, assembler. It likes RetroBSD.

gombeGombe 01/06/2018 at 11:300 Comments

Graphic mode is comming soon! This mode is very important to develop graphics games. Size of GRAM is about 29KB. Screen size is 256x224. 4bit-color surported. (dynamic palette)

Or you can use PCG (see TETRIS for example..).

This is demo of Graphic mode.(Video player)

This sample also incluing audio player. This `MachiKania Game Board` incluing audio output, I use OC module for PWM and DMA to generate audio signal. DMA stands for Dinamic Memory Access. 32K sampling per seconds, 8bit 1ch.

Double buffering memory is not enough(lack of RAM), so bottom of screen is fricking ; )