putting the frame together

A project log for BuildLog Laser 2.x build

This week* i will be mostly putting together a 2.x laser

charliexcharliex 02/21/2015 at 19:450 Comments

putting the frame together, just you get an idea of the scale of this, that's a full grown Irish wolfhound in the previous set.

i'm using the countersunk screws here, they're obvious since almost exactly the right amount and the small right angle brackets are countersunk

lower frame corners, other pieces for deciding orientation and build order.


rear right, i'm going to mount the rear drive before the top tracks i think.

rear left

middle rear, there are larger holes on the bottom side, i'm making the assumption they are (and fedex arrives with some more parts) access holes to screw into the Y motor brackets. though there are two holes and 4 tapped holes on the bracket. the 6 tapped holes are on the rear. kinda feeling i should have put mount on first since i'm working on the floor, time to break out the awesome metal saw horses from OSH that were on sale.

enough of the chatter and back to the building..