Portable unrefrigerated water chiller

Ever had something hot and wanted to make it not so hot?
Ever wish you had a portable source of room temperature water?
Well now you can!

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This item is part of a D.I.Y. semiconductor fabrication laboratory. During semiconductor processing, it is often required to have temperature controlled processes. This unit aims to provide its liquid cooling services to anyone who asks nicely.
  • 1 × PC Liquid cooling kit CORSAIR Hydro Series H110 Extreme Performance Water/Liquid CPU Cooler. 280mm
  • 1 × Multipurpose 6061 Aluminum Rod, 3" Diameter x 1' Length McMaster part # 8974K82
  • 1 × High-Temperature Silicone O-Ring, AS568A Dash Number 133, packs of 10 McMaster part # 9396K154

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