datengraphie (datagrafy) is a form of data / information art.

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  • datagrafy is a form of data / information art and digital art
  • It uses arbitrary data (Pictures, Video, Audio, Text, Numbers) as source material
  • But i also uses raw data as "drawing material"
  • That makes datagrafy unique
  • Artefacts (Datagrafies) are created by self-developed software (currently datengraphie, while source materials may stem from third parties
  • Datagrafies may be graphics, video or audio
  • Datagrafies consist of Daxels (Pi-xel -> Data-xel -> Da-xel), which have ususally x and y > 1. Pixels are with x==y==1 special cases of daxels
  • Datagrafies as a whole are usaully quite large (1m x 1m up to 5m x 5m). Because of that they have to be scaled down for being shown digitally. This implies, that one of the core characteristics of datagrafy is not visible when shown digitally: The detail level when getting close and the existence of superordinate structure while being far
  • Especially for Video-Datagrafies (Mode: datengraphie.vid*) current off-the-shelf PCs may be a challenge - or: vice versa. Videos with resolutions > 4000 are not easy to be played
  • datagrafy defines Iconography of data - the visual language of data

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