Generate silent song for car audio

When connected via USB, many car stereo systems play the first song in alphabetical order. This project allows you to create a silent track

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Many car stereo systems play the first track in alphabetical order when their car is started - if you are one of these people, you have probably gone a bit crazy hearing the same song over and over again.

This hack uses the MacOS Speech Synthesizer to create a track that announces itself and then plays about 5 minutes of silence so that you can leisurely tune to whatever media you would like.

There are many ways to generate a silent track, but this one has the handy advantage of telling you that your iPhone is properly connected to the car.

Written in Python, it outputs an .aiff file called "aaaaa.aiff" helping make sure it is first in your alphabetical list. You can either sync that file directly, or first use lame to convert it to a mp3 if file size is important to you.

Python program to generate silence track for car audio.

x-python-script - 104.00 bytes - 01/04/2018 at 04:43


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