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Hacking MorningStar

Morning.StarMorning.Star 05/14/2019 at 06:324 Comments

Now its going to be interesting how this one pans out.

Well, of course I contacted her, she handed me this for my records.

Dont worry folks, nobody's being dragged out by the baileys and the locks changed, that would be completely illegal as I patiently explained to the bright young adviser sitting opposite me. Smart girl, she agreed completely and told me that in the eventuality of things ever getting that bad they would just apply to the local authority to house Bea [and her slave, as is the convention with the ruling classes] in any case long before it could happen.


She thought for a moment and jumped on the arrears. Well, I'm still waiting on a mandate to setup a direct debit so I can start paying these off, and for a moment she almost had me paying them the money the council took ( as well.


I agreed that, under regulation, from the 18th of March, I owed them about half the sum they were asking and would have to recover the remainder from the council through normal channels.

Dammit, Check.

Out came the regulations.

Now, it appears that under the regulations with Bea in the house and her on Disability Living Allowance [or PIP, that is replacing it] I should receive full housing benefit and not have to pay a shortfall in rent in any case. Well, that being the case I didnt owe them any money on technicality, and they would take this up with the council on my behalf as responsible social housing agents.

Was that a wink...

Well now, thats interesting, because for the entire duration of my caring for Bea in council properties, under the care of Social Services and advised by their advisers and for the last five years in collusion with the council and possibly others, I have paid just under 15 quid a week towards my rent under the false impression that it is regulation.

I mean, I queried it, why would Bea show up on the rent statement as a 'non-dependent deduction' in housing benefit? Clearly, she is dependent... And no, I have been told, its regulation.

Well, here I am sat in front of said bright young independent adviser with a vested interest in the case, and it dawns on me they've all been covering this up for five years because the council realised it made a mistake 19 years ago, and did so when Bea went into care. Then when she came home they silently reinstated the mistake so I would never know they actually owed me a lot of money.


Yes, 19 years times 14 pounds 21 pence every week comes to a significant total.

£14,039.48 to be precise.

The cheeky bastards know full well if I ever find out that not only have I not been paid to care for Bea all these years, in fact I've been charged that for it, I will hit the fucking roof.

Wait, what?

I was remarkably calm, exiting the agency, after shaking the poor girl and her supervisors hands. Lord knows what she must have thought.


Morning.Star wrote 05/14/2019 at 18:48 point

My phone rang while I was at the checkout buying fresh veg. I barely got it out of my pocket before it rang off anyway, I likely wouldnt have answered it lol, thats annoying...

I checked the caller and cussed under my breath but he never called back. Unusual behaviour for a respected social services manager, whose status and power instils fear into most mortals.

Methinks Igor paced the office a fair bit before actually calling and then shit himself. I would, I know what a total dick I am when I'm right. XD

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Dr. Cockroach wrote 05/14/2019 at 11:53 point

That, my friend is the best way to look at it and I love the last bit :-D

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Dr. Cockroach wrote 05/14/2019 at 08:20 point

I think perhaps they expected a huge explosion right then and there and you gave them calm....Something they are not used to....

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Morning.Star wrote 05/14/2019 at 09:02 point

Mark my friend, of all the things that vex me, lies and my own confusion are two of the worst offenders. The clarity of truth in all things is a joy, and I cannot be angry when confronted by it.

Besides, she was and is independent of this garbage, and seemed at pains to resolve the situation without invoking any of my now legendary tentacles. I did summon Igor, but true to form it takes actual sacrifice for him to make a personal appearance, probably because he feared exactly this.

I already charged him with gathering his cronies within the various departments into a meeting to figure a way forward but the miserable bugger is having none of it. So, I let him know I know he knows, and now perhaps we'll see some action. I'll also write to the council and request my moolah formally and without threat, and add their comedic response to the pile.

There is always this dude. I'm a hacker artist. Extracting my money out of those bastards could be fun...

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