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Hacking MorningStar

Morning.StarMorning.Star 05/30/2019 at 13:474 Comments

Dim emergency lighting flashes redly, and in the darkness something is scuttering. Its everywhere, and it bites.

The Defense Grid went out days ago and the nightmare the agency kept locked away found a weak point in its prison and got loose.

Huddled with their backs to the paper shredder, the agents can only wait with rising paranoia for reinforcements that may never come.

Its going to be a long night.

I sent Igor this, and his response was to delegate. That was a mistake, it always is.

Well, Hench was assigned to negotiate, but he's got an annoying habit of taking time off work and doesnt return his calls for a week or more.

I kind of expected this.

But as usual I'm not having any of it..

Not that it makes any difference with these people.

Right then, we'll play it your way. Just so you know I dont believe a word of it. Quit stalling...


Morning.Star wrote 06/02/2019 at 03:23 point

Oh hack, its not worth another log for this but...

Its doubtful they will be walking anywhere when I am done. I'm on Respite this weekend, and it should be a joyous occasion. It isnt, mostly because my jerk neighbours have started stealing off each other as well as shagging and gossiping, and tried to drag me into it.

Well I put my foot down in no uncertain terms and screamed at them to shut the fuck up and behave themselves, and other than the quiet one banging on my door to tell me to shut up, they did. I let her walk away, I'm not a complete animal.

Unfortunately for them I was already steaming; at respite when I dropped off Bea's stuff the [new] manager collared me. I voiced my concerns about the old manager and the stuff that got sent home, and told her my side of that story. And why it had happened. Well, despite the fact she could well lose income over it and possibly even her job, she was vehement about me not negotiating and instead going for the throat.

Even the care system itself has turned on its masters and wants them gone. Everyone involved with them has turned on them with my vindication, and a lot of them including the management are now calling for me to pick up a rock and finish the job.

Well her and her associates are said social care system that I accuse of failing, the frontline staff arent at fault and she has a job to do. Its stupid and stressful and badly paid, so to be honest me breaking it for her cant make things worse.

One cant make an omelette without breaking eggs its true, but she managed to dignify it,

"I dont want to break it, we depend on it."

"Its already broken."

"Its all we have, it could mean the end of this place..."

"They will replace it with something, and whatever that is it cant be worse than this. Break it, none of us will hold it against you"

Yes, idealism still exists even in management of the care sector. OK, I'm convinced.

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salec wrote 05/31/2019 at 10:27 point

Absolutely. Shedding no tears for them, they have had their normal lives throughout all of this while your lives were sidetracked, and they, if not solely caused that, certainly aggravated your position, first with incompetence, and later with trying to hide their mistakes.

Even if you were so magnanimous to waive off your own wounds, Morning.Star (and for little I gathered about you through this limited-bandwidth channel, you as well might be), you still have Bea's future to think of.

The dices must fall, and someone (or something) will have to take the burden of things getting back in the order.

Who knows, they may even walk out of it without much more than a slap on the wrist, and all the resistance they are putting up, including this buying time and sticking their heads under sand, may be unwarranted in the end. Even mere contemplating that subject is superfluous. It will be better for everyone, including the guilty ones, when this all gets untangled and straightened, the sooner the better.

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Morning.Star wrote 06/02/2019 at 05:52 point

Hear hear :-)

There are many voices of wisdom and they all say the same things.

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Dr. Cockroach wrote 05/30/2019 at 13:57 point

Backs against their wall ( Or shredder ) but their time is dried up....

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