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Hacking MorningStar

Morning.StarMorning.Star 07/17/2019 at 07:011 Comment

So this is what a MorningStar does when you let one off.

It gives you a friggin holiday...

Yep. Basically I've been given the rest of the summer off. Departmental holidays mean that although things are now in hand getting the various backsides round the same table is not going to happen fast.

However, I can confirm that it will happen, eventually, and there will be restitution for me and Bea.

Its taken a lot from me my friends. Robbed me of my humanity to a degree. Lost me some friends. Made me some new ones. Made me some enemies. Nasty reputation just for standing my ground.

This Is Sparta, however there's just one of me, and bugger me if I didnt make it out alive.

For the record, thats one of our two councils [behind] social services, law enforcement, national mental health services, social care service management, general practitioners, civil advice services, government ombudsman, and anyone still interested enough to read this [I thank you from the bottom of my heart] All rocked up on Arun District Council's doorstep asking why Bea is classed as 'Non-Dependent' so they can get away with robbing her carer of £14,000.

There's probably others, and if I havent recognised you I'm sorry.

Give me a wave, I'm not good with crowds. ;-)

They all agree its disgusting, but, well, when their ultimate lords and masters decide to repeal legal aid to prevent recriminations as the vulnerable are trodden underfoot thats kind of what happens.

I didnt vote for those dicks, thats all I'll say.

Igor was most forthcoming in an interim meeting to discuss strategy on the errant council, and some options for Bea's future. He practically begged me as to the nature of what I wanted out of this on a personal level - what did I  want to do with myself if I were, say, no longer responsible solely for Bea, if I didnt have to worry about being cast aside as reward and had a future?

Interesting, I hadnt thought about that much, not the mechanics of it. I've looked for work, sure, and I've had some offers too. Headhunted, before I enabled Gnarly and went batshit on local authority... Yeah actually I dont want to think about that much... I told him when this was resolved, I would again look to the future...

It seems the consensus is that [besides me getting my moolah and dignity back] there's really only one way I'm ever going to have a life of my own. Someone else is going to have to care for Bea. I repeated that there already was an expert carer available, but they wouldnt pay him, and they shuffled and looked at the floor.

No, thats not going to happen unless I change the law. When I have £14000 in my bank account I can easily employ a solicitor and fuck the living daylights out of the entire authority for such rights abuses so I dont blame Igor and Hench for being nervous... I tried not to dwell on that point any, but I did point out that my remit was to help others and I wasnt keen on the repercussions of this round.

Its hard not to make even veiled threats accidentally. I mean, its been a total pounding on all fronts - but that is what you get from a man with resources as wide as mine when you piss him off. I'm not unreasonable about this, in fact I make a point of preaching equality. Igor is struggling with the concept still, I can see, but he knows I have a point.

And so we wait. But now perhaps I can get back to hacking and calm the fuck down.

I really am sorry about the mess, my big green friend can be a little clumsy. Next though, we have the meeting on the 23rd July to begin resolving the tenancy issue.

As it stands, if the council refuse to budge eventually the agent has the right to repossess the property, but, having negotiated a secure tenancy through the councils remit they have the right to ask them to rehouse us before it is handed back - instead of applying for a bailiff to change the locks. It will take legal action to extract the rent from me, and jurisprudence is the last thing the entire local authority want, hence them all now ganging up on the council behind me.


Dr. Cockroach wrote 07/17/2019 at 09:23 point

You are due oh so much more but take this time to have a recharge my friend :-D

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