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Hacking MorningStar

Morning.StarMorning.Star 08/20/2019 at 22:431 Comment

Hard written evidence is hard to come by, but every now and then...

Unfortunately for Social Services, this document can only be commissioned by them, and attempts to subvert my authority as advocate so that the State could continue to hold Bea in care on an open-ended arrangement under advice of a doctor and an 'independent' advocate.

Of course its unclear to the assessor why Bea is prescribed a contraceptive. It was done without my authorisation last time she was in care, and was done to prevent her becoming pregnant in the event of her having sexual contact with the male residents as well as to control PMT.

She does not have the capacity for a relationship of that nature and should instead be supervised to prevent any unsolicited attempts by others to instigate one.

It also conveniently controls the worst of the trauma her personal care causes me without having a personal carer - as an alternative to one, FFS, and its an abuse of rights to medicate someone to control their behaviour without a court order

Or to put it another way, this shit was rushed through like lightning without my knowledge, let alone any authorisation.

Like I said, on whose authorisation exactly is she deprived of her liberty?

Its there in black and white.

The first highlight is delicious.

Bea has been assessed as having no capacity to make decisions or to communicate them, which is complete hogwash for starters. She knows what she wants and has been telling them, and me, for years. That IS why I was made her advocate in the first place.

Unfortunately for DoLs, they now have to process MY request as her advocate that she has her case heard in court. She'll be present, but I'll speak for her. And for myself, as the representative the assessor deemed ineligible to speak for her. (The second highlight)

I luckily phoned the care home while the assessor was there and managed to stop this dead in its tracks by speaking to her and informing her of the illegality of her actions.

And just to rub salt in their wounds, both the DoLs team and the advocacy service now work for me against Social Services. Think about whats been done to me for the last 5 years.

Deprivation of Liberty and marginalisation - In particular the advocacy service will be interested in giving me, well, advocacy, and on a legal basis. They have no choice as their remit is to ensure that all parties are heard in any dispute. And DoLs will probably fold under the pressure too, and they are a government agency. All they have to do is refuse me access to their services and I have them bang to rights as well.

Note that the form is unsigned - it has been sent to me as the Care Manager instead of me as the Advocate, because Social Services lied to DoLs about my existence and their need for involvement.

I can sign it myself and return it to the supervisory body and request that a hearing be scheduled using it, as her care manager and official advocate, and be given legal assistance to attend it.


Dr. Cockroach wrote 08/20/2019 at 23:12 point

Isn't it so nice that they sent you the evidence. Seems like that's all you need for this and hopefully final round.

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