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Morning.StarMorning.Star 01/14/2018 at 05:452 Comments

Regarding your response to the complaint I sent to the County Council about its performance.

That is not satisfactory I am afraid, you failed to address any of my key points properly, and most of them completely.

"I recognise that you provide a significant level of unpaid..."

Indeed I do, and yes, you do, and therein lays a significant part of my argument. I am Keri's father, and raised her single-handedly after her mother attempted to kill me more than once. Why when I and my disabled daughter are victims of an assault by a mentally unstable person under the care of Social Services are we uncounselled and uncompensated, and why when your department cruelly institutionalised Keri against her will as an adult and viciously attacked her father with no justification, are we still completely ignored and denied any service or compensation?

You also completely ignored the historic abuse by your department. When I took representation for her legally I did so to prevent her being ignored and abused. At the time the girl was crying and throwing her arms around my neck in preference to being left to her own devices, unsupported, in an environment she hadnt chosen to be in, while I was systematically stripped of responsibility, social status and rights. She can make determination and judgement about things; what she cannot do is communicate them. She is still unhappy about the manner and location of her care, and your department still have not rectified this 3 years after I took advocacy for her. Why not?

I speak for her and execute her affairs, I do not make her decisions. This is what advocacy means, and as her advocate I am complaining on her behalf. This does not mean I may not speak for myself though, and I do. Why are you ignoring us both?

You know as well as I do that Keri is unable to speak and barely able to sign. You also know that your department allocated a social worker who is registered blind, to deal with her case. When she alleged that Keri had told her that she wanted to be institutionalised when she clearly did not, and then used her disability to overrule me, she made a serious error of judgement. While I would rather not drag the woman into it publicly I will if I have to, and take it as far as it will go legally too. While I also would not question her competence, I question your department's in allocating her to Keri's case. It was clearly inappropriate, as were some of her decisions. Why was she allocated?

I'm afraid I dont believe you are sorry I am unsupported. If you were actually sorry, you would support me. Please dont fob me off with a pack of nonsense to pad out your excuses.

"West Sussex County Council do not have direct responsibility..."

Indeed they do not, however all three of these agencies defer to the Local Government Ombudsman's adjudication, which requires I complete your complaints procedures. They are the next step I will take to get some service out of you beyond trying to befriend me with a keyworker who has no authority to act.
******** is a good man, probably one of the better among you. But he was chosen very carefully, as was his predecessor, not to sort out the mess but to sweep it under the carpet. Perhaps you dont understand that I'm not gong to allow that, and ******** is not my friend, he is a representative of an enemy that chose me.

"Support could also be offered..."

Support was offered three years ago, and accepted on promise. It has never materialised.
Keri was allocated a keyworker to aid her communication. This in fact came down to a half-hour meeting during which the woman signed off and gave me an illegal copy of Makaton's Core pack, a language Keri does not use, and which turned out to be the language training I was offered to become her advocate. Breach of copyright is an offence, even if it is only one copy of an entire language training system worth hundreds of pounds. If this kind of practise is systemic I dont have to tell you what I think of it. As a multi-field artist I have been openly copied in the media and recognise the value of work I’ve been forced to open-source, lacking a legal framework to establish business and a path to monetisation. Do not take me for a fool, or uneducated in the art of business… I’ve had two offers of employment I could not take because of the restrictions the regulations have on me this year alone, one of which was prestigious and lucrative, teaching my skills to the next generation of roboticists. While this may not be important to you, or to ******** who professes no interest either, it is important to me, and Keri, because it will be they that look after us when I am too old, and only if we have enough money to pay for it. On benefits that will never happen, and I’m insulted you expect me to die penniless for my troubles…
I have been offered support workers before the advocacy. The only physical support I have ever had is a man who donned a boiler-suit and helped me throw away belongings that reminded me of my ex partner. While I have been offered support for Keri, I have to either pay for it or supervise it myself. More recently ******** offered to find a team of regular carers Keri would come to trust. I am waiting for them to arrive, if they have not because you think I declined them then you are grossly misinformed, and I dont know what ******** thinks he is doing. It isnt what we agreed, which is service. Why are you lying to me?

As far as the Safeguarding concerns go, you are also misinformed. The driver was disciplined; I do not want the staff to be punished for following procedure, I want the procedure to be adequate. I was most displeased that the driver was pulled from the run and not allowed to apologise to me immediately as well, the way the system treats its staff and clients is nothing short of disgusting. It is poorly funded and the staff are stretched already. If any of my complaints come back on them by way of punishment, you know that too is an injustice.
When someone cannot communicate formally, they use behaviour to communicate instead. When Keri does something she does it for a reason, and she stayed on the bus where she is unaffected by the noisy and stressful environment of daycare. She chose not to be there, and she was ignored. No attempt was made to communicate with her, why?

Keri has also not chosen her father to care for her, she has chosen the only person she knows who gives her what she asks. As her advocate its my job to ensure she gets it, but not mine to execute it, and your department persistently fails to provide the alternative we are promised. While I am under no legal obligation to remain Keri's advocate, I have to formally give it to someone, and I can only give it to someone I trust to speak for Keri.
I do not trust any official because the system only supports institution, and this goes against the National Disabilities Act, which clearly states a disabled person has the right to a say in the manner and location of their care. I do not have anyone else I can trust to speak for her, but myself. I do not trust your department.

In this manner I am legally obligated until an alternative is found that doesnt involve institutionalisation for Keri, but that does not mean I am legally obligated to care for her. Keri wishes to live in the community, it is your departments job to ensure she does safely. You do not have authority over me unless you employ me and you clearly do not, so it falls to your department to provide the service or compensate if you cannot.
I'm sorry if any of this comes as a surprise to you, but it might encourage you to keep better records. Fortunately doctors do, I have an appointment on the 25th Jan '18 to discuss exactly how your department persistently fails to provide anything other than a detrimental effect after abusing the both of us.

Disgraceful behaviour from an institution that labels itself Social and Caring Services, none of those three words actually describe anything about it. My complaint stands, and will be forwarded to the Ombudsman along with your response.

The Core training manual copied from the official documentation. During the decision I was awarded training to become Bea's official advocate. The State requires a standard, and they chose to force me to learn this because I have an eidetic memory. However, instead of sending me on the courses to acquire these skills, they just copied the manual and asked me to memorise it.

I cannot begin to describe how wrong that was. Who the hell do they think they are?


Dr. Cockroach wrote 01/14/2018 at 09:13 point

If that letter does not make someone blink then I don't know what will. Great detail and well said.

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Morning.Star wrote 01/15/2018 at 05:33 point

Thanks Mark :-)
Like I said, they left me venting atmosphere and fuel in a decaying orbit. I'm a hacker, what did they expect me to do... Now I'm powered by Obsidian and bearing down on them at high relativistic towing a ton of their own scrap...

This will be a harsh lesson to someone, and it wont be me.

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