HydraNFC Firmware is coming

A project log for HydraNFC Shield v1

HydraNFC Shield v1.0 is an NFC hw shield to sniff/read/write/emulate any 13.56MHz NFC tags for advanced NFC Research/Dev/Debug/Hack/PenTest

Benjamin VernouxBenjamin Vernoux 09/03/2014 at 11:050 Comments

HydraNFC Hardware:
Schematic in PDF and CADSOFT Eagle 6.x design (CC BY NC) will be available (HydraNFC github) at same time as HydraBus will be in shop.

HydraNFC Firmware (requires HydraBus) with VT100 and Autonomous mode (requires only power through USB):
V0.1 Beta will be available (HydraNFC github) in about 2weeks on github, as I'm cleaning stuff and updating autonomous mode.