IoT Weather station

IoT Weather station to monitor a room powered by Arduino

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Nothing fancy, it's a simple weather station who collect each hour the temperature, humidity, room brightness, altitude, barometric pressure, and do also compass...
The weather station can be controlled manually from the board and also from a secure web panel (my first IoT project btw!).
This weather station need internet, datas are sent to your panel each hour and are displayed as smooth curves.

Instructable, source code, eagle files can be found here:

An LCD screen is used to display the circuit uptime and the number of cycles performed.
The circuit collect datas each hour.
Datas are sent via HTTP request through an arduino ethernet shield.

You can manually ask the circuit to collect datas through a button on the PCB or to press a button 'digitally' via the web interface.

The circuit will make a connection each 5 minutes to see if he have received an order to collect the datas, if no order is requested the circuit will continue to IDLE till he reach 1 hour and collect automatically the new datas.

A trimmer is used to control the LCD brightness.
The circuit operates with 5V.


There is two LED who will indicate your circuit status:
Green led: everything is fine.
Red led: Something is wrong (can be a wirring problem, bad configuration of the board, or an internet problem)

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  • 1 × HMC5883L BMP085MWC 4 Axis Flight Control Sensor Electronic Compass $8.96 (
  • 1 × 1602A HD44780 Character LCD Display Module LCM Blue Backlight $2.99 (
  • 1 × I2C DS1307 AT24C32 RTC Module for AVR ARM PIC ARDUINO $2.25 (
  • 1 × DHT22/AM2302 Digi Temperature Humidity Sensor Replace SHT11/15 $4.8 (
  • 1 × Photoresistor GL5539 LDR Photo Light-Dependent Resistor $2 (

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