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A project log for Open Source DSKY

Modernization of the Apollo Guidance Computer

viva-penguinosViva Penguinos 03/27/2015 at 22:060 Comments

I apologize that I haven't been updating the Open Source DSKY. School started back in August and I've been bombarded with classwork. As of now, the project is currently on hiatus. I've been working on and off on the project when I am on break, or when I have free time. So hope is still there! My last update was 8 months ago and some changes (Even though small) has been made.


PCB layout completed This includes the Display Drivers, The seven segment LED, and the Micro controller board. Had to do 4-5 revision before I was finally satisfied (I am also a newbie so it took much longer than normal). Waiting to save enough money to be sent to the Oshpark.


New programs has been added to the software, but those has yet to be tested.


Thanks to my university, The library has papers and books regarding the Apollo System including navigation, power, resource management, and data obtained regarding the CSM.

I'm currently taking a class regarding objective programming in C++ which also includes programming GUI interfaces. The goal is to absorb as much information I can get in that class and apply those skills and create a GUI interface which would allow users to communicate with the device with little to no background knowledge (Which would be great for educational purposes.).

Thanks for hanging in there, I know some wondered what was the current status of the project and whether it was abandoned or not.