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viva-penguinosViva Penguinos 08/23/2015 at 18:212 Comments

yI finally bit the bullet after verifying me design and went and ordered them from Oshpark. The reason why it took so long is because is because it costs me $80 per board (Display Driver, 7 Segment Display), and then $40 for the micro controller Board. I haven't even accounted the parts to populate the board. In all it would cost me 200$ just for the PCB and another $70-80 for the parts just to see whether or not the device works or not. Anyways, Enough of the Text, Here's some pictures of the Display Driver board.

Just note that this project is at a snail crawl because of school and the cost of having them produce but if anyone is interested in buying this board in particular, Let me know in the comments or message me and I'll work something out with you.


Charlie wrote 10/01/2015 at 02:13 point

Hi! First of all great project, I have been following you for awhile for this project. Are you actually from Orlando? Anyways how much for the pcbs? I 3d printed the DSKY myself just need the electronics.

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Viva Penguinos wrote 10/05/2015 at 04:36 point

Hi Charlie, 

Thanks for following my project. I am not from Orlando, I am from
Miami. I am willing to offer the PCB for $35 + The cost of shipping. I
must warn you, If you do agree, I am selling ONLY the PCB as-is. There
is still 3 more PCB missing from this set. that I need to order. But
because I haven't release the schematics because it is still in it's
initial phase I've been withholding the schematics. I am willing to
upload the schematics, and Gerber files directly to you. So that not all
is lost if the PCB has a failure in it. Let me know if you are

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