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Modernization of the Apollo Guidance Computer

viva-penguinosViva Penguinos 03/06/2014 at 00:480 Comments

Hello HaD members!

I'm no writer nor professional commenter/blogger/vlogger/<Insert Terminology here>. But the goal of this project is to create a working model of DSKY. For people who aren’t familiar with the DSKY, The DSKY is a front interface that astronauts used to communicate with the Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC). Essentially, it’s the keyboard and monitor to the AGC.

How the project got started:

The project started as an inspiration from a website a friend had sent me. Source: wanting to get into electronics and microcontrollers, I thought this would be a nice project to tackle.

Information regarding DSKY

After researching for countless hours, I stumbled upon several sources of information that will be the basis of this project. The first source comes from NASA directly (Go NASA!). Source: The PDF cited is basically the “manual” to the DSKY. It provides all the Programs, Sub Routines, Verb, and anything related to DSKY itself. The second source is from Ibibio. Source: if you have spare time, I highly recommend you spend some reading time on this particular website. It provides all information for DSKY, AGC, AGS,and the LVDC. Additionally, The author is still looking for more information and documentations to add into the website.

And so the adventure begins…

Actually the project started back in November immediately after completing my last college course in Networking and Communications Management. The first order was actually placed on November 13 2013. As I progressed on with my project, HaD project was released to the beta testers. Seeing this as a project that some tinkerer hacker would enjoy reading or contributing, I decided to hop on the list. Today I received that email and signed up immediately. And now this project is availiable for any readers of HaD. I apologize for the lack of pictures but I’ll guarantee the next post will contain more picture of my project.

Feel free to comment and add any contribution to this project.