Newer Maytag Models Won't Work.

A project log for Maytag Neptune Motor Control

The PWM signal going to the motor speed control board is basically a square wave with a variable pulse width to control the speed.

SteveSteve 02/03/2018 at 19:310 Comments

None of this will work with newer models like the MAH9700 that has a pancake motor mounted right on the back of the drum and I think the speed control in inside the front control panel assembly since all the cables go into that.  The first one I had was the MAH4000 with the old mechanical timer that you turned with a big knob that had a large motor with speed sensor on it hanging from the drum and fairly large motor control module mounted below the motor. They changed the design a lot over the years though and the model MAH6500 with LED display at the back has a smaller motor made in France with a really compact speed control module.  The newer MAH9700 with the controls at the front is made more like a Whirlpool since the drum looks the same and must have had a lot of influence from them when they were taking over the Maytag company although the machine was assembled in Korea by Samsung.