Older and Newer Motors Compared

A project log for Maytag Neptune Motor Control

The PWM signal going to the motor speed control board is basically a square wave with a variable pulse width to control the speed.

SteveSteve 02/05/2018 at 19:100 Comments

Here are the older motor and controller from the MAH4000 on the right compared to the newer ones from the MAH6500 on the left.  The MAH6500 uses a motor made in France with a label saying 2 A., 3 Phase, Variable Speed, 0-250 Volts, 0-380 Hz.   The older motor has a 17mm shaft while the newer motor has a 15mm shaft.  There are no specs on the older motor but the service manual says it has an 850 RPM top speed using 400 Watts. For the newer motor the manual says it can spin to 1000 RPMs.  Both speed controls will work with the same PWM signal using an Arduino or signal generator to produce the PWM signal to control the speed.