Cloony wireless module

This tiny low-power wireless module can run on a coin battery for a looong time.

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We've developed tiny version of Core Module - which is the brain of our modular system. This tiny version called Cloony can be programmed by open-source tools or easily implemented to many third party systems like Grafana, Blynk and many others.
The whole ecosystem is low-power by design, so coin-cell battery can power this module for a really long time.
You can use multi-platform BigClown SDK to adjust or create your own firmware.

The measured data is sent from Cloony to the wireless gateway calle USB Dongle, which transforms measured values to MQTT topics. This is done by a simple Python script. running on the Raspberry Pi.

We use open third-party software like Node-RED and Grafana to visualize all the values.


Schematics of the module

Adobe Portable Document Format - 107.32 kB - 01/07/2018 at 20:53



Binary firmware

octet-stream - 94.48 kB - 01/07/2018 at 20:45


  • 1 × BigCLown Cloony module
  • 1 × CR2032 ;)

  • 1

    Solder battery to VCC and GND terminals. I also connected the positive pin of the battery holder to UART_RX but just for a firm attachement of the battery holder. The black wire is connected to the VCC, the other pin is soldered directly to the GND edge connector.

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    Use UART DFU or J-TAG connector to program the firmware. This is stock "generic-node" firmware from the github without any modifications.

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    Enable pairing on the gateway, then put the battery to the module and pairing is done.

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