Why Modular & Enterprise IoT Development Kit?

Many Developers, Innovators, Students, Technical, non Technical looking to explore the IoT and embedded computing markets face a hard but honest question from everyone, where do I start?

Making sense of the many boards and accessories, hardware and software interfaces, connectivity standards and APIs has been described as one of the biggest problems that the everyone facing today.

Therefore, hIOTron fully Modular & Enterprise IoT development kit is one stop IoT solution for all by using which developers will not only save the cost they will also add more & more functionality to their IoT solution or project with less engineering efforts which ultimately bring them to focus their development efforts on what really matters: their core value proposition.

Top 5 Benefits for Developers

  1. Build unlimited innovative IoT POCs at affordable price & demonstrate confidently to key stakeholders or clients in minimum time.
  2. Fully Industrial grade modular hardware (Gateway, Sensor Node) with code-less IoT Platform including custom user App & Dashboard.
  3. Real time data insights in few simple clicks for driving quick business decisions and justify your IoT investment with minimal entry investment.
  4. Experience advantages of hIOTron IoT platform for real industrial deployments.
  5. Focus your development efforts on what really matters: your core value proposition