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Interfacing an existing Z8000 design to the STEbus

KeithKeith 11/07/2021 at 04:110 Comments


I've found source code for a Z8000 BASIC interpreter and monitor, in an online book by Rolf Dieter Klein. I did a quick check of the OCR. My Chrome browser can translate the German to English, not perfectly but fairly readable.

The OCR'd listing is very poor, so that will be a lot of work to restore to usable source code.

Jurjen Kranenborg reports he is developing a monitor and BASIC interpreter based on Klein's code. but no sources are visible yet. I have had a go myself, but have no Z8000 assembler yet.


Lacking an assembler, and needing a reference to check an assembler output, I converted the book's listing into something that can be assembled as a collection of labels, hex words and ASCII characters. The original assembler statements are made comments. This involved a lot of editing and typing the hex data in by hand!