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A project log for STEbus Z8000

Interfacing an existing Z8000 design to the STEbus

KeithKeith 11/09/2021 at 14:480 Comments

I propose starting from an existing CP/M-8000 machine project, which looks like this:


My project proposal is to

4sun5bu's sparsely-populated board has about 48x84 holes and looks about 5.4x9.25 inches or 235x137 mm. This is twice the area of a 160x100mm eurocard. I think it should fit.

4sun5bu says that 74F logic should be used, because 74LS is not fast enough.
I shall take that as a warning to pay attention to timing.

The Compact Flash interface is unbuffered. 
You might be able to use an IDE/PATA drive 
with a very short cable, not the long cables used in old PCs.

I intend to port some or all of the glue logic to GAL chips.
This will make changes quicker than rewiring.

Parts list:

Qty Device Package Comment

1 Z8001 DIP48 Essential
2 RAM DIP32 Essential
1 USB DIP24/40 Replaces Z8530 serial chip 
1 ATmega164 DIP40 Controls boot-up