Zilog Z8000 technical manual in html form.zip

Technical manual, partial conversion to html.

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Zilog Z8000 programmers guide.zip

Application note about Z8000 programming, in html form.

application/zip - 76.90 kB - 11/12/2021 at 19:13



First draft logic equations to fit the 4sun5bu design TTL circuitry into a single 22V10 chip. Not compiled or tested yet!

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The listing allows the data words to be checked against the assembler statements. It has allowed me to spot and correct several mistakes in both parts.

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Avoids the need for a Z8000 assembler by taking the listing from the book, turning the Z8000 assembly statements into comments and the hex data into code that most assemblers can handle. Unchecked and untested.

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Byte Z8000 Trump Card articles in html form.zip

Partial conversion to html, should be a lot nicer to read. Circuitry all horizontal, colour pictures, etc.

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Basic Interpreter-8085-listing.txt

Z80 CP/M Tiny BASIC listing. Assembled but untested.

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Basic Interpreter-8085-source.txt

Z80 CP/M Tiny BASIC Source code. Assembles but untested.
This is the basis from which the Z8000 version was ported.
See book by Rolf-Dieter Klein.

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Basic Interpreter-8085-intel-hex.txt

Z80 CP/M Tiny BASIC Source code. Assembled but untested.

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Basic Interpreter-Z8000-source.txt

Rough OCR edited. Probably has many errors, has not been put through an assembler yet.

plain - 23.44 kB - 05/09/2021 at 00:03