A month later

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Make your own simple, yet efficient and easy to maintain, aquarium filter, for cheap.

audrey-robinelAudrey Robinel 10/16/2014 at 23:550 Comments

It's been at least a month since i installed this filter. It really performs well, the water is really much cleaner than previously. It is really easily cleaned, and i don't have to stop it in order to do so.

However, it has to be cleaned to often for my taste. I think that i need a larger filter box, with larger filtering masses. I also want to include specific media for biological filtration (as of now, bacteria are simply in the sponges, with bio balls i expect to have a larger and more stable nitrite consuming bacteria population).

I will have access to a laser cutter, so i will probably make a plexiglass box (or any other plastic, i don't need it to be transparant, only non-toxic). Once i design the filter box, i will release the files to reproduce it.

I am also working on a smaller 3d printable version for my smaller tanks (54L and 30L). It may be multi-part, with assembling if needed, however i want the inlet and outlet to be included in the box rather than having to buy and glue tubing connectors.

See you next!