4 years later ...

A project log for home made aquarium filter

Make your own simple, yet efficient and easy to maintain, aquarium filter, for cheap.

audrey-robinelAudrey Robinel 04/09/2018 at 04:230 Comments

4 years later, this filter is still running. It worked well, and still does (and will for a little while).

It is an easy filter to make, but not the simplest to maintain. Not that it's complex to maintain (you just pull it out of the water, get the sponges and rince those before putting it back in the filter), but  it's not quick nor a pleasant experience. Not that i expect it to be super fun to clean a filter, but it's anoying enough to do that i don't do it often enough.

So what would i change?

As for this project, it is very unlikely to see some updates, since i'm working on two separated projects that will simply replace this one :

I'll add links for those projects here when i make the projects pages.