PCBs Here, Code Moved, and More!!!

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An open source hydroponic garden control, monitoring, and grow system with cloud database and dashboard.

AVR (lordKiCAD)AVR (lordKiCAD) 07/10/2015 at 07:230 Comments

Got a pretty big update this evening. First off the HydroPWNics project was selected for a few awards this week. During this week hackaday announced the projects that won the sponsor list prizes. I am proud and happy to say HydroPWNics was selected for all four sponsor prices, Texas Instruments, Microchip, FreeScale, and Atmel. I'd like to thank Hackaday and the Sponsors for the excellent prizes!!! Its always nice to be featured in he spotlight of this fantastic community ! Well anyway on with the really fun things!

Last evening I decided to move all the code over to a dedicated github organization called HydroPWNics (surprising I know). Each component of the software and hardware have their own repositories. Dedicated repos for firmwares, hardware source, application software, webpage, and API. All the source code and repositories can be found here:

Earlier this week my PCBs arrived in the mail. As per usual OSHPark did a great job with the board, the quality is pretty great from hand inspection. Now that PCBs are in I should be ordering components soon but I've yet to do an inventory on the components I have, I'll probably have that done over the weekend and adjust my digikey order to save some bucks. Next off will be assembly, I plan to populate the boards at the local hackerspace Technocopia with the help of some friends. I think I can get all the hardware assmbled in one day at the space and estimate a week of debugging before finding all flaws in the boards.

The PCBs:

How the modules fit together with the Module Hub:

Digital Sensor Module up close

Analog Sensor Module

Module Hub

On another note, about 3 weeks back I won a trivia contest that General Hydroponics was holding on their facebook page. They posted a picture of a moth and I correctly identified it to win a GH Performance pack. This kit includes more of the nutrients and pH management solution that I already have but also includes a bunch of other supplements and boosters for various plant stages.

Stay tuned for more updates over the weekend!