Silicone Sealing of Fence Posts

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AVR (lordKiCAD)AVR (lordKiCAD) 09/13/2015 at 07:450 Comments

Short update. In this update the fence post endcaps that were previously glued with the white gel PVC cement were externally sealed. The end caps or tops for vinyl fence posts don't have the same snug fit that PVC pipe encaps have. One of the ways to make a tight seal is to use the fence post cement sold in the same section as the post at the hardware store, its a PVC cement that seems to have PVC dissolved in it to make it thicker. Anyways in the case that the PVC cement didn't make a perfect seal when gluing the cap/top in place the outside seem of each cap on each end was sealed with silicone. Standard silicon you can find in a hardware store is fine, we used a caulking gun to apply it and pressed it in with finger tips.

First dismantled the grow system, I really am liking my design choice in regards to the easy disassembly, I've had to pull it a part a few times and its just so easy!

Applied to the first end of the first post, looks messy but it doesn't matter as long as the water stays in.

Moving along with the next post

First set of end caps sealed

Doing the other sides

The silicone takes about 24 hours to cure, next update will be on testing water circulation and seals. I'm like to thank my friend and colleague Will Frankian for his continued support and helping hand with the assembly of this whole project!!! So stay tuned for more!!!