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garrett-herschlebGarrett Herschleb 09/10/2014 at 15:140 Comments

I've developed a new robot operating system which has many improvements over traditional systems, including but not limited to:

1. Developed on Python to leverage state-of-the-art extensibility and easily integrated plugins

2. Able to use low cost robots with the accuracy and dexterity of much more expensive robots, achieved in part by

a) Ability to drive movement by inexpensive DC gear head motors, including the inherent ability to specify movement by applied force rather than strict space/time control that steppers impose.

b) Arms and linkages don't have to have super tight tolerances, because accuracy is achieved by tightly integrated visual feedback that's easy to program and low complexity processing.

3. Ability to program easily with a GUI and visual interface that sees things from the robots' camera perspective.

4. Flexible use of coordinate spaces that make programming arms with 6 or more degrees of freedom super easy. Got a bot arm with 13 linkages that can reach around corners? Easy. Simple arm with only 2 degrees of freedom, with one polar and one cartesian? No problem. Any arm geometry will work.