• Z Axis

    Adam Fabio09/07/2014 at 03:45 1 comment

    The Z axis is the most complex step so far. The hardest part has to be the Z motor mount plate. Screws going in from both sides, thin nylon spacers stacked between the two plates, and a flange bearing in the middle. This thing was kind of evil to assemble. 

  • Carriages

    Adam Fabio09/07/2014 at 03:41 0 comments

    The Shapeoko 2 assembly continues with the carriages. The carriages are laser cut sheet steel, and need a whole bunch of parts screwed into them. Motors, V-Wheels, Smooth Idlers, everything goes in. The manual is silent on aligning the pinion pulley with the belts, so I did my best. Hopefully when the belts get installed I won't be too far off. 

    There are There are three carriages to assemble. 

  • Round 1: Build V-Wheels and Smooth Idlers

    Adam Fabio09/07/2014 at 03:36 0 comments

    I started with cleaning off my rather cluttered workbench, and laid out the parts for the S2. 

    The S2's assembly starts with the V-Wheels and smooth idlers. Each one has two bearings, a spacer or washer, and a Delrin shell. Everything presses together, but you really need to have a screw in in the center to hold that center washer in place. 

    There are a lot of these. 20 V-wheels, and 6 smooth idlers.