Remote operated hamster ball.

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Dual Axis Remote Operated Vehicle With 0 Turning Radius

This project delves into the makeup of simple Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV's). I used the combination of a microcontroller and a motor shield with two motors to create drive and direction control. I used a PWM transmitter and receiver pairing and a simple interpretation algorithm via the microcontroller to allow for wireless control. I designed a chassis and shell system that allowed the vehicle to move and change axises with little or no delay.

I picked this project for a few simple reasons:

1) I'm really interested in the practical interpretation and uses of different EM signals.
2) I wanted to learn how to use an Arduino with motor control.
3) I was curious to employ a simple design for a vehicle that has free multi-axial movement
  • 1 × arduino uno
  • 1 × sparkfun ardumoto motor shield
  • 1 × spektrum DX2E dsm radio controller and receiver system
  • 2 × micro gear motors
  • 1 × small wheel

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