Nine Second CD Quality Audio Delay!

A project log for Teensy Audio Library

CD quality sound processing, integrated with Arduino sketches

Paul StoffregenPaul Stoffregen 08/19/2015 at 23:080 Comments

Frank's 6-chip Memoryboard (version 4) was tested today. It works great!

The audio library (latest on github) now supports this hardware.

Here's a simple test where it delayed a beep sound, with copies output at 8 and 9 seconds.

Sound delays this long are really surreal. Delays in the 1-2 second range are about as long as our brains are ever used to hear in the natural world.

It's like nothing happened, like the project is doing nothing and not working and you give up waiting (at least it's way beyond my attention span for stuff working) and then there's the beep, exactly like it was several seconds ago!