The Challenge

A project log for The Open Woodwind Project

An Electronic Aerophone with focus on usability as an instrument.

J. M. HopkinsJ. M. Hopkins 09/08/2018 at 04:370 Comments

In the digital instrument market today there are very limited options for MIDI woodwind controllers. This project aims to bring a DIY opensource version up to the plate that the average maker can create and play. This could eventually be a great project in school curriculum for those technologically inclined musicians beyond the standard robot classes.

We are flooded with MIDI keyboards, matrix controllers, drum sets, but those who wish to harness the dynamic response of breath are left lacking in options. This open source instrument should be a source to many hackers who would like to implement an intuitive and configurable instrument.

In the end I wish to offer up kits (laser cut files and pre-programmed microcontrollers) to those who would like to build their own instrument.

Project Goals:

  1. Create an electronic aerophone (MIDI woodwind controller) that is intuitively playable.
  2. Easily re-created by the average maker and is not just a music making gadget.
  3. Inexpensive and easily adaptive to new sensors and fingering modes