TouchOSC GUI for Teensy Synth

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J. M. HopkinsJ. M. Hopkins 04/07/2020 at 01:000 Comments

Since I'm using the Raspberry Pi as a base station for this project, I was able to get an OSC to MIDI bridge running which allows me to run the TouchOSC app on an iPad with a custom GUI.

The Raspberry Pi is running 'osc2midi' (an OSC to MIDI bridge) and 'a2jmidid' (a MIDI to ALSA bridge) which all gets auto patched via 'qjackctl' (The Jack patching session manager).

The end result, is that OSC messages coming from the TouchOSC GUI on the iPad is wirelessly transmitted via the Pi Hotspot (or local WiFi).

There needs to be a configuration file written for osc2midi to map the GUI to MIDI channels, but I loaded this up on GitHub for those who want to replicate.