A project log for FLED

An LED display showing visualizations and rendering data from a variety of TCP sources over the Open Pixel Control protocol

Ben DelarreBen Delarre 01/21/2014 at 22:110 Comments

So we had an idle Friday afternoon here at SupplyFrame HQ and our evil overlord Alek asked us to build something cool for the office.

With the restriction of only having a day to build we didn't have many choices in what we could source components for, thankfully though I had about 100 WS2811 based RGB LEDs knocking around from my Diodome project. So we decided to build a really nice looking LED matrix display.

Unfortunately all my LEDs were already cut up from a long strip into individual LEDs so we had to solder wires back onto each of them and make long strips we could use in the matrix. Thankfully we had many willing hands in the office so a day of cutting, stripping, and soldering ensued.

We made quite a mess, but by the end of the day we had about 90% of the LEDs we needed soldered together. However, we did totally fail on our one day project. Thankfully SupplyFrame is a great place to work so we were allowed to spend another day on the project the following Monday...