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BenchoffBenchoff 09/17/2014 at 21:160 Comments

A Hackaday Conference Badge?

No, we're not having a con - at least not yet. We go to enough of those already. So many, in fact, that we thought it would be a good idea to have a Hackaday Conference Badge for all the conferences we go to. What is it? What will it do?

So far, it's pretty similar to other conference badges we've seen before. What makes this badge special? If you go to a con that Hackaday is attending/covering, you get one of those sweet virtual badges on you profile. If we're throwing a swinging party in room 812, Hackaday can send out a message to everyone in attendance.

It's a physical extension of the community, made specifically for hacker gatherings of all types and sizes.

How are we going to do this?

We have hardware to build, and there are only a few months until all the cons start up again. We've decided on two boards: A 'user' badge that will have all the functionality described above, and a 'staff' badge that will make badges beep and blink on command (we promise not to abuse it(), collect IDs from user badges (to give out virtual badges on, and have some interesting security. If we're really clever with how we implement this, we can give out prizes to the people who visit the most hackady events in a year. 

So now what?

We start building hardware. With the right set of I/O, we can improve the functionality of these badges as time progresses. Right now we're looking at a few radio modules, and we're hoping this badge will also be a functional and useful development board. We'll also need to get started on the firmware and web side of the project, making this a physical extension of into meatspace.

Initial meeting notes:

The user badge will have:

The 'Master' badge