The Good And The Bad

A project log for Software Defined Radio (SDR) In An FPGA

Building blocks for creating a software-defined radio (SDR) in an FPGA

joesugarjoesugar 09/26/2015 at 14:450 Comments

So I updated my Ubuntu distribution and now the ZAP IDE I used for Papilio development no longer works. The good news is it finally gave me the impetus to move to the DesignLab IDE.

Nice thing about DesignLab is that it integrates directly with the Xilinx tools and allows you to link the FPGA code and sketches into a single project. Bad thing is, now I have to go back and port all the Wishbone cores I've produced to this point to work with DesignLab.

There was a learning curve but I finally came up with a workflow that allows it to be done quickly and consistently. Now it's time to get it done.

This also means a change in the repository. I'll leave the old code in place for historical purposes but will be establishing a new repo to hold the cores as DesignLab libraries. This is a better way of doing it anyway since now they won't be tied to a specific build.