Mobile Car Computer

Computer which can use in the car with all the features,and performance. Specially this PC has works with Automobile 12v or 24v DC power.

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It has 7inche LCD TFT monitor with VGA input.And Its touch sensitive display.I have attached a Touch sensitive Panel for 7 inch display using usb module.So no use of Mouse or Keyboard.Because Its fully touch sensitive.

Few parts I have bought from Ebay and local shops.

Its Intergraded with Bluetooth,and it has USB remote controller for control all things.

Enclosure was designed and made by myself.(its aluminum)

It can display a vehicle current running details of Vehicle Engine details like ( Engine RPM,acceleration,Engine temperature,Water temperature,errors and troubles in engine,etc)

And If you are a doing Motor Sports or if you have any custom ECU in your car. You can easily connect with your ECU through the USB or Serial and can Tune your ECU as you want.Because you don't want your LAPTOP anymore. If you fit a PC like this in your car you must have an awesome time. You won't miss any Entertainment! Enjoy!

Intel Atom mother board(built in on board CPU,On board sounds,on board VGA)
1GB Ram Kingston
USB IR PC remote controller
12V DC to ATX Mini power Supply (90Watts)
160GB IDE Laptop grade hard drive
2.5" IDE to 3.5" IDE converter
Make your PC enclosure (10"x9.5"x2.8" aluminum)
25A fuse for power line
High gauge wire for positive and negative power connectors

7" LCD TFT monitor
7" touch panel with USB touch controller for make your Monitor touch sensitive

OBD II to USB cable for read your vehicle running data(ELM 327 cable)

find portable USB CD/DVD Drive for install your OS (XP or win7)

  • 1 × Intel Atom mother board built in on board CPU,On board sounds,on board VGA
  • 1 × USB IR PC remote controller
  • 1 × 12V DC to ATX Mini power Supply (90Watts)
  • 1 × 160GB Laptop grade hard drive
  • 1 × Enclosure (10"x9.5"x2.8" aluminum)

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  • 1
    Step 1

    First I made a plan which parts I might want to build this. Selected a suitable mother board for the project.

  • 2
    Step 2

    Designed a aluminum enclosure for best size.

  • 3
    Step 3

    Fixed touch sensitive panel for 7" monitor

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InnovateModz wrote 11/15/2014 at 13:02 point
I'm going to improve this with a OBD ii interface and display real time vehicle running details on display. And as a special feature will add tuning function for after market ecu's.

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Adam Fabio wrote 09/17/2014 at 16:48 point
I remember the days when Mini-itx was king of carputers. Nowadays with android and iOS tablets, as well as the Rasberry Pi, they've fallen a bit by the wayside. It's good to see someone still building a real "Car PC" - can't wait to see what you do with all the power.

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