Connect your RevPi Core + RevPi DIO to Ubidots

A project log for Connect your RevPi Core + RevPi DIO to Ubidots

Integrate Industrial grade controls (I/O) and monitoring with the RevPi DIO module and Ubidots; including setup for a Unit Counting App.

maria-carlina-hernandezMaria Carlina Hernandez 01/10/2018 at 17:010 Comments

Revolution Pi is an open, modular, and durable industrial PC based on the established Raspberry Pi while meeting the EN61131-2 standard. Equipped with the Raspberry Pi Compute Module, the RevPi Core base can be expanded seamlessly using appropriate I/O modules and fieldbus gateways for energy management, process monitoring, machine health and more. The Rev Pi Core is the foundation to any application and depending on your I/O requirements expansion modules such as RevPi DIO, RevPi AIO, RevPi Gates can be attached as digital, analog, or gateway modules. 

In this tutorial we detail the integration of a the RevPI DIO to visualize and control output signals to your machines or applications with Ubidots. The RevPi DIO digital I/O module comes with 14 digital inputs and 14 outputs, PWM (puls width modulation), and counter inputs. For a detailed list of functionalities for the RevPI DIO, check out the Revolution Pi product brochure.