Artemis SBS controlled Lights

Basics on how to get Artemis to control an RGB LED strip

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This project is only for the RGB LEDs

Will add details to the right place later, hopefully.

Module I: Artemis -> LED strip

Hardware and Sources (as of 9/16/14):


Module I: Software

See github.


The output channels of Artemis and the read channels are the Arduino are NOT the same. There seems to be an off-by-three error somewhere.

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    Step 1

    Download and install Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator game and the Arduino IDE if you haven't already. I am basing this off of Artemis 2.1

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    Step 2

    Download and install the DMXSerial library for Arduino from

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    Step 3

    Attach the Pro Mini and FTDI board end to end. I was confused how to attach, but they just go together and work.

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