• Tilt!

    Loyal J10/03/2014 at 03:10 0 comments

    The code has been updated to make use of the xyzometer! Right now it has been hooked up to the built in tap detection offered by the accelerometer. I'm not really sure how I like the feel when I'm playing the game.. but it works!. The code has been checked into the repo and is ready to upload to your arduino. Check it out!

  • Moar Parts! Moar Tilt!

    Loyal J09/21/2014 at 03:38 0 comments

    Just added some new parts to the Pinbox Jr. prototype.  First, a new power rail breadboard to help handle all the ground connections... the little red breadboard wasn't going to cut it anymore.  Second, the Pinbox now has it's own short USB cable that's always attached.  Finally, and most importantly, Pinbox Jr. now has an accelerometer inside the box!  There's no support for it yet in the code... but the intention is to use this to detect bumping which will then translate to in game tilt.  What's a pinball game without tilt?