Hackaday Munich: Hot Irons and Crunching Compilers

Hackaday will host an event in Munich Germany on November 13th. Help decide what we do at the event.

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UPDATE: The Hackaday Munich page is live. Go get your tickets now!

The Hackaday Prize, our 6-month initiative to promote Open Design, ends in November. The Hackaday crew will be at Electronica in Munich, Germany to announce the winner. In conjunction with this we rented a huge venue to host a hacking event and party.

Please join the discussion. Tell us what you'd like to do that day!

Mark your calendar, take the day off of work (tell your boss it's "professional development") and come test your hacking skills with the Hackaday crew in Munich Germany on Thursday, November 13th.

We've rented Technikum at TonHalle, a huge venue that is perfect for the celebration we're going to throw that night. It marks the end of the 2014 Hackaday Prize where the ranking of the final five projects (currently there are 50 competing to make the finals) will be announced.

What kind of hands-on hacking do you want to do?

Here's the deal: we have the venue for the entire day. So why stop at just a party?

This is our first official event in Europe, we want to build something great! There's plenty of space, and with a little bit of help from the Hackaday community members who live in the area we think we can do just about anything! What would you like to see us do in Munich?

Leave a comment below, but here's a stream of consciousness to get you started: classic alarm-clock retrofits (inspired by Sprite_TM) which makes us think of doing scratch-built DCF77 receiver modules. It would be fun to do some type of huge art build to be displayed at the party... many hands make for easy soldering? Robot maze solver build (we'd also need to build a maze ;-). What if we developed a mesh-network text messaging protocol ahead of time and challenged everyone to build the coolest front-end hardware for it?

As you can see, we need a lot of help focusing our ideas and can't wait to hear what you think we should do!

  • Contest for the Daytime

    Mike Szczys09/23/2014 at 22:17 1 comment

    We're frantically working on the most awesome of plans for the daytime hacking event on Thursday, November 13th.

    Because we are limited on time and tools it will be pretty hard to have some from-scratch hardware builds (we're afraid theyd get started but never be finished). But what we are excited about is bringing some interesting hardware to use for a few sets of contests. For instance, a reverse engineering contest, a firmware development contest, a machine learning contest, and an efficiency contest.

    What do you think about these themes? What would you add to make the day really spectacular? Do you have any suggestions on the type of hardware to use for each theme?

    Thanks for your help brain-storming this!

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Emil J wrote 09/20/2014 at 20:07 point
In what part of the day does this whole thing start? I guess like 10:00? It sorta depends because I'm not sure if I have to arrive the day before or take a night train. I hope I'll be able to show up!

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Mike Szczys wrote 09/20/2014 at 21:39 point
I think it will start after lunch. We won't be able to start setting up until that morning.

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ock wrote 09/20/2014 at 18:58 point
I also live in munich. Glad to hear you guys come here! Will definitively come to the event :)

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turbinenreiter wrote 09/20/2014 at 17:12 point
I live in Munich!

I'm building a Water Rocket with some electronics at the moment, but there isn't all that much space around there.

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