Fried prototype

A project log for Remote wifi video car

Use a small camera equiped vehicle to explore tight but vast spaces. Remotely control by wifi.

ulrichUlrich 02/04/2018 at 11:360 Comments
There it is a very first, fully integrated prototype.
It has camera access, image wifi provider, motor driving and power supply from a single, small li-ion cell - stepped up for the motor driver.

However I couldn't really get the motors to work on this particular board. Something with PWM not working and/or having noise during boot.
And in the end I managed to fry the Esp32 (nodeMCU). It now gets very hot very fast when plugged in.

Looking at the wiring I get the distinct feeling that this needs a professionally printed board.
However before designing and ordering that I'd like to test this in order to pick the correct pins to wire for example...

The short wire roughly in the middle actually did short with the pin below.